50 Uses For The Home Essentials Kit

50 Uses For Essential Oils found in the Home Essentials Kit

First- why your diffuser is important!

Using a good diffuser ensures you get the best out of your oils. The Petal Diffuser in the Home Essentials Kit is highly rated for quality and is widely recommended due to being one of the best diffusers available on the market. Your home essential kit includes the Petal Diffuser and Doterra’s Top 10 oils.

It’s no wonder it’s such a popular kit, along with the savings and waived enrolment fee!


50 Uses For The Top 10 Essential Oils Included In Your Kit


On Guard

  1. Seasonal Relief. Diffuse On Guard Protective Blend to ward off any potential threats to your immune system.
  2. Sore Throat? Mix  3-4 drops of On Guard with 2 drops Lemon essential oil & honey in a teaspoon to soothe a dry sore throat.
  3. Bathroom Sparkle. Mix 5-6 drops with a half cup of baking soda to clean your bath tub instead of using harsh toxic cleaners
  4. Wash With It. Add On Guard to your wash during the rinse cycle for all of the benefits & leave your laundry smelling amazing.
  5. Clean With It. A few drops of On Guard in spray bottle with water to disinfect grimy doorknobs, hand railings and countertops.


  1. Immunity Boost. Take 1-2 drops in a Veggie Capsule with olive oil for an immunity boost*
  2. Cook With It! Put a drop of Oregano essential oil in your spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, on a roast dinner.
  3. Digestive. Oregano aids the digestive system and promotes a calm tummy.
  4. Feet Treat. Dilute 1 drop in several drops of fractionated coconut oil, massage into hands and feet for a warm sensation.
  5. Breathe Easier. Taken in a Veggie Capsule, Oregano has the ability to clear respiratory congestion.


  1. Kick The Stress. Inhale with Lavender and Peppermint and apply to neck to help calm stress and relieve tension.
  2. Strong Nails. Apply a drop of Frankincense to strengthen weak fingernails.
  3. Anti Age. Frankincense can help promote radiant, youthful looking skin. Dab a drop of Frankincense with coconut oil onto the trouble areas.
  4. Evening Treat. Soak in a warm Frankincense bath to relax and promote a calm wellbeing after a long day.
  5. Pain Relief. Use with a hot compress to soothe tired muscles or occasional cramps.


  1. Classic Tip. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil along with Epsom salts to your bath water to unwind.
  2. Ouch! Apply diluted Lavender Oil to soothe skin irritation, reduce redness and ease swelling.
  3. Busy Mind. Apply Lavender to the temples and back of neck to ease anxious feelings and tension.
  4. Kitchen Tip. Add some lavender oil to your dish soap for an incredible smell.
  5. Baby On The Way. Rub Lavender essential oil onto stretch marks when they become itchy.


  1. Sticky No more. Lemon essential oil is excellent for removing sticky residue. Try it on an old sticker on a car winder, works wonders!
  2. Lemon Spritzer. Add a drops of Lemon Oil to your water or soda water for a refreshing taste.
  3. Kitchen Tip. Add a couple drops of Lemon essential oil to your dishwater for a refreshing smell.
  4. Protect. Wiping Lemon Oil over your leather will help protect and preserve it from splits and cracks.
  5. Fruity Twist. Soak your Apple Slices in Lemon for a twist which also helps preserve the fruit for longer.


  1. Cold Season. Diffuse to support open airways and help you breathe easily.
  2. Summer Spray. Use a spray bottle of water with a few drops of Peppermint essential oil to freshen and cool off on a hot day.
  3. Tension Kick. Apply to neck and forehead with Lavender to relieve tension and pressure.
  4. Joint Relief. Using Peppermint Oil in massage helps to soothe occasional muscle and joint discomfort.
  5. Cook With It! Add a drop into your hot chocolate and baked goods.

Tea Tree

  1. Kitchen Tip. Dilute 8-10 drops with water in a spray bottle to clean around the house. For an protective boost, add On Guard.
  2. Bathroom Tip.  Combine 10 drops of Tea Tree, ½ cup baking soda and ¼ cup vinegar to clean the toilet.
  3. Feet Treat. Apply affected skin to reduce toenail periodic challenges.
  4. Laundry Tip. Add a couple drops of Melaleuca to laundry detergent to remove odour from musty clothes and blankets
  5. Purify. Apply to skin trouble spots as part of a daily cleansing and reduce the signs of blemishes.

Deep Blue

  1. Post Workout Relief. Rub on muscles before and after exercise to reduce muscle pain and discomfort.
  2. Massage. For a warm sensation and muscle relief, use plenty of carrier oil mixed with Deep Blue during a massage.
  3. At The Office. Keep a Roller Bottle of Deep blue on hand for the lower back.
  4. Joint Pain. Rub Ice Blue on the Knees & Elbows to relive joint pain.
  5. Boost. Mixed With Peppermint oil for an extra post, Ice Blue is a great muscular pain relief blend.

Easy Air

  1. Sleep Easy. When suffering from seasonal threats diffuse Easy Air at bedtime
  2. Relief Anywhere. Keep in a roll-on bottle by the bedside, in the car or your handbag for relief on the go from sinus congestion.
  3. Snuffly Kids. Place a couple drops on the children’s pillows for a restful nights sleep.
  4. Heat Bag. Pop some Easy air on your wheat bag before and pop in in the microwave, place over the feet.
  5. Study Tip. Peppermint, Lemon, and Melaleuca are all included in the Respiratory blend which may help you focus.


  1. Tummy Tamer. For Children with occasional tummy upset, Dilute 1 drop of the Digestive blend with fractionated coconut oil rub on the belly.
  2. Happy Holidays. Bring along the Digestive blend for those unpredictable discomfort after a dinner out.
  3. Fresh Breath. Use 1-2 drops in 150mls of water as a mouth rinse to neutralise smells like garlic & onion.
  4. Take It Easy. Take a Veggie Capsule filled with the Digestive blend if you prefer not to taste the oil.



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