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Wholesale Access to Essential Oils

I had no idea what I could use Essential Oils for at first.

After all, there is so much information out there and so many ways and places to start.

But after buying my kit, I was supported to learn how to make the most out of them and soon I was up and running! After all, we all have to start somewhere.

I regularly share content on my blog for you to read through, and help support your own & your family’s health and wellbeing naturally using certified, pure, therapeutic grade DoTERRA essential oils.

I use essential oils for:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Cleaning
  • Perfume & Beauty
  • Respiratory
  • Emotional alignment
  • Health support


It’s not about making huge life changes- it’s the simple, little things.

Once I order, where can I research while I wait for my purple box?

Once your kit’s 0n the way, wait for your first email where I’ll cover off the basics for you and send you some trusted resources to start exploring!

I have a private members-only support group, to help you to get up and running with your new kit.

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

They’re certified, therapeutic pure grade quality oils. They’re the largest direct selling essential oils company in the world, and their oils are co-impact sourced.  This means they support local farmers in a sustainable way, with ethical business practises and dealings.

Ok, I’m Enrolling!

You can buy Retail, right on my website!

Purchase essential oils and the full range of stocked products at retail prices using my link on this page and clicking on SHOP.

For 25% off ALL your oils, without any requirements to re-order every month, simply open a wholesale account by clicking Join & Save instead of Shop.

Your wholesale account is free when you buy a kit! Otherwise there’s a small membership fee which gives you 12 months access to wholesale pricing.

Not sure if you can access these Essential oils?

You can join & receive your oils packed securely in their purple box almost anywhere in the world!

Why I’m A Wholesale Member
and You Should Be, Too!

  • Wholesale prices for 12 months
  • Order more than 50 points each month & receive FREE product points
  • You can earn an income as my team grows, even if you don’t want to build a business
  • Pay the least per bottle for the essential oils you use & love!

Pick the kit you want, or choose the $35 wholesale packet. If you don’t get a kit, you’ll need to type in the products you want to order and add them to your cart.

Sign me up!

What’s the most popular kit?

When you get the xxxx kit it only costs you $XXX which includes 12 months wholesale membership, your own website and private chat support in your portal.

How do I build a business with you?

Whether you have an existing business you’d like to add products to, treat your wholesale membership account as an ‘affiliate’ account and share the link on social media, or go full steam ahead in creating your dream business.. start with one of our bigger business kits to be credited with instant points & a larger order point percentage back with every order.


Click here to enrol

Can I just buy a few?

Yes! Just choose your oils from this form, add up the retail pricing. Remember, if the total means adding a wholesale packet will make your overall order cheaper, click Join & Save instead, add your oils and Wholesale Packet into your cart and enjoy 25% off retail pricing for 12 months.


Great! How do I order?


  • Click Join & Save
  • Choose your country from the Menu
  • Select ‘Wholesale Customer’
  • Add your items to the cart
  • Check out, and wait for your purple box!

Wait! What if I I have a question first?

Just head to the ‘Contact Me’ page above and I’ll give you a call or send a message!

I look forward to sharing my content, ideas, inspiration and essential oils lifestyle with you.

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